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The EU Digital Product Passport ITSA’s Recommendations for a Secure and Interoperable Approach

The purpose of this document, prepared by the International Tax Stamp Association (ITSA), is to offer recommendations for a secure and interoperable implementation of the European Union’s (EU) Digital Product Passport (DPP). The DPP is likely to have a far-reaching effect on product traceability systems across numerous industries. However, ITSA …

Interviews with ITSA Members 2023 – Common Threads and Differences

Last year, we launched a series of interviews with International Tax Stamp Association (ITSA) members to collect personal insights into the advances, challenges and possible future developments shaping the tax stamp industry’s evolution. In this article, we look back at common threads that emerged and where opinions differed, considering how …

Interview with an ITSA Member – Uflex

This month, we are pleased to present the latest entry in our ongoing interview series exploring the professional perspectives of International Tax Stamp Association (ITSA) members. Our interview this month is with Mr G P Pathak, Sr Vice President of Uflex Ltd’s Holography Division. Mr Pathak, with a background in …

Tax Stamp Standard Review Is Underway

ISO 22382:2018, is now due its five- year review, in accordance with ISO procedures (the International Organization for Standards). This review has commenced, click the link below for an article by Ian Lancaster, who is leading the review: Go to website

ITSA Counters Claim that Tax Stamp-Based Track and Trace Not Compatible with FCTC Protocol

The International Tax Stamp Association (ITSA) has responded to a claim by economic advisory firm Oxford Economics (OE) that tax stamp-based track and trace systems are not compatible with the WHO FCTC Protocol to Eliminate Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products, while ‘fully digital’ solutions, based on open standards, are. ITSA …

An introduction to the international standard for tax stamps

Document distributed as part of Ian Lancaster’s workshop on the review of ISO Standard 22382

Interview with LEONHARD KURZ

This month, we have a new entry in our ongoing interview series investigating the experiences of International Tax Stamp Association members, diving into their personal perspectives on the tax industry, today’s challenges and opportunities, and tomorrow’s potential advances.   Thomas Brücklmeier.   Our ninth interview is with Thomas Brücklmeier, Business …

Implementing the FCTC Protocol – Guidelines for Revenue Authorities Running Tax Stamp Programmes

Presented at Tax Stamp & Traceability Forum, 2 October 2023, Tbilisi, Georgia, by Nicola Sudan, Tim Driscoll and Ruggero Milanese ITSA Seminar FCTC GSP71123

Tax Stamps and Track & Trace: The Importance of Proper Analyses – Before and After Implementation

Presented at Tax Stamp & Traceability Forum, 3 October 2023, Tbilisi, Georgia, by Nicola Sudan

Tobacco Track and Trace in Africa: Separating the Wheat From the Chaff

In a world where tobacco and other excisable goods are exposed to high levels of illicit trade, the role of tax stamp programmes and other countermeasures naturally becomes the subject of debate and scrutiny by stakeholders. When done in a neutral and unbiased way, such debate contributes to enriching the …