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Recruitment campaign aims to stamp out fraudulent trade

Building on its success, ITSA is now looking to widen its membership base to include government authorities, universities, foundations, NGOs and other associations.

The Revolution in Excise Stamps and Programmes

Presented at the High Security Printing EMEA conference in March 2020, Lisbon, Portugal by Barna Barabas (Jura)

ITSA Guideline

Why Tax Stamps Provide the Best Combined Solution for Traceability and Security Features Under the EU Tobacco Products Directive

UIDs for Tobacco Track & Trace

How to Make Unique Identifiers for Tobacco Track and Trace Secure and Independent from the Tobacco Industry: A Standards-Based Approach

ITSA in Product & Image

Urgent Action Needed to Prevent Recurrence of Alcohol Deaths in Costa Rica

Current Landscape and Developments, and Country Case Studies

Presented during an ITSA seminar at the Tax Stamp Forum, September 2019, Budapest, Hungary

ITSA in Securing Industry

Further deaths linked to illicit alcohol in Costa Rica – The death toll being attributed to illicit alcohol in Costa Rica continues to rise, reaching 26 at last count, according to the country’s Ministry of Health.

ITSA in Securing Industry

Global Developments Around Tobacco Track and Trace and How They Relate to the US

Presented at Federation of Tax Administrators Tobacco Tax Annual Meeting, August 2019, Grand Rapids, Michigan, by Alex Finkel, Meyercord Revenue (SICPA)