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Address: 40 Phoenix Road , Crowther, Washington , Tyne & Wear
City: Washington, Tyne and Wear
ZIP Code: NE38 0AD
Country: UK

Website: www.opsecsecurity.com/
Contact Name: Steven Proudfoot
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +44 191 417 5434

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Products and Services for Tax Stamps offered by OpSec Security Group

Applying Tax Stamps to Goods
Direct marking
Equipment/Systems for Producing Tax Stamps
Cutting and packing Design software and services Foiling and finishing Papermaking and coating Pre-press and consumables Printing equipment Quality control
Field Authentication and Data Capture
Authentication devices Code scanning devices
Information Systems
Data analytics and market surveillance Data storage for track and trace Production monitoring Tax management and reconciliation Tax stamp ordering
Tax Stamp Components and Features
Optical features Print-based features
Tax Stamp Production
Security printer/converter


OpSec’s tax stamp and traceability programs around the world are proven to successfully combat illicit trade, protect revenues and enable governments to meet their obligations under the FCTC ITP Protocol.

OpSec achieves this by combining banknote-level security features with our proven digital track and trace technology, InSIght.

The OpSec® InSight platform provides an independent track and trace solution. This includes UID (Unique Identifier) request management, automated data collection, product aggregation, supply chain management, and enforcement reporting.

With global references in over a dozen live programmes and spanning a 20 year period, OpSec is the trusted and proven partner for Government tax stamp projects.