Apo Production Unit, Inc

Address: 2nd Floor, Philippine Information Agency Building (PIA), Visayas Avenue
City: Quezon City
ZIP Code: 1128
Country: Philippines

Website: apo.gov.ph/
Contact Name: Mery Jane Angeles
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (+63) 28282-5309


APO Production Unit, Inc., is the leading and one of the three (3) recognized government printers of the Republic of the Philippines and is mandated to undertake the printing of accountable forms, and sensitive printing requirements of the government, as well as specializing in high-security printing.
APO Production Unit, Inc. has high-level, customized, and secure solutions that prove their vast experience in supplying highly secure tax stamps since 2013. The procedure entailed the efficient processing and affixing of tax stamps using an online tax stamp ordering, as well as the production, payment, distribution, and tracking system that ensures the collection of correct excise taxes, thereby increasing government revenues. The company also has extensive experience producing and supplying identification cards, other government security documents, and most especially the e-Passports. The ePassport incorporates advanced security features and biometric data to ensure the authenticity and integrity of the passport. It is also fully integrated and automated which complies with the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) standards for travel documents (Doc 9303).
From 1967 to the present day, APO continues to provide excellent printing services at competitive prices.