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The International Tax Stamp Association is a not-for-profit organisation, founded in November 2015, that is working to ensure better understanding of the benefits of tax stamps and tax stamp technology, and to promote high professional standards through education, research and advocacy, and by developing and promoting best practice.

ITSA is recognised by government regulators and tax issuing authorities at national and regional level and recognised as an authoritative voice for the tax stamp community. We currently have 24 members from 15 different countries and growing!

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Press Releases

28 Sep 2023

Interview with APO Production Unit

This month, we continue our interview series exploring the experiences of International Tax Stamp Association (ITSA) members, who offer personal perspectives on the tax industry, today’s challenges and opportunities, and tomorrow’s potential progress. Jaime H Aldaba Jr. Our eighth interview is with Jaime H Aldaba Jr, Executive Vice President and …

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1 Sep 2023

Interview with an ITSA Member – Baldwin Technology

This month, we continue our interview series exploring the experiences of International Tax Stamp Association (ITSA) members, who offer their perspective on the tax stamp industry, and their predictions of challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Erwin Wagner. Our seventh interview – following Luminescence Sun Chemical Security, Garsu Pasaulis, Authentix, …

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31 Jul 2023

Interview with an ITSA Member – NASPS

This month, we present the sixth interview with an International Tax Stamp Association (ITSA) member, providing their perspective on the present opportunities and challenges of the industry, and the developments they anticipate for its future. Hunia Hassan (left) and Dr Hany Maklad (right). Following interviews with Luminescence Sun Chemical Security, …

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Proposal for an FCTC Protocol-Compliant Tobacco Control System Blue Print

Its aim is to contribute to the work being carried out on implementing a tobacco track and trace system compliant …

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ITSA Guideline

Why Tax Stamps Provide the Best Combined Solution for Traceability and Security Features Under the EU Tobacco Products Directive

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UIDs for Tobacco Track & Trace

How to Make Unique Identifiers for Tobacco Track and Trace Secure and Independent from the Tobacco Industry: A Standards-Based Approach

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Click above to view ITSA’s workshop presentation to revenue authorities at the Tax Stamp & Traceability Forum, 16 May 2022


Wondering about the status of tobacco tracking and tracing under the WHO FCTC protocol? Check out our insights from a newly published report.

👉Tax Stamp & Traceability News

What does ‘smart packaging’ mean, and where do the opportunities lie for the tax stamp industry? We have the lowdown!

👉Tax Stamp & Traceability News

Our latest insider insights from the world of tax stamps come courtesy of Erwin Wagner of Baldwin Technology. Find out what he had to say about the industry’s challenges and opportunities.

👉Tax Stamp & Traceability News

Interested in the current state of illicit tobacco and alcohol seizures worldwide? Check out our report on the latest World Customs Organisation data.

👉Tax Stamp & Traceability News

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