Improving the way tax stamps are developed and used

The International Tax Stamp Association is a not-for-profit organisation, founded in November 2015, that is working to ensure better understanding of the benefits of tax stamp and traceability systems, and to promote high professional standards through education, research and advocacy, and by developing and promoting best practice.

ITSA is recognised by government regulators and tax issuing authorities at national and regional level as an authoritative voice for the tax stamp community. We currently have 28 members from 18 different countries and growing!

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Press Releases

30 Apr 2024

Interview with an ITSA Member – Securikett

In our third 2024 interview with a member of the International Tax Stamp Association (ITSA), we speak to Marietta Ulrich- Horn, Co-Founder and CEO of Securikett. As both an entrepreneur and scientist, and with a background in social and cultural anthropology and business administration, Marietta focuses on research and development …

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25 Apr 2024

Interview with an ITSA Member – JURA

In our second 2024 interview with members of the International Tax Stamp Association (ITSA), we speak to Barna Barabás, Co-Managing Director of JURA, a global brand name in security printing. Barna’s responsibilities lie in research and development, marketing, and operations, while Co-Managing Director Kálmán Manhercz covers sales and the company’s …

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6 Mar 2024

Interview with an ITSA Member – OpSec Security

In the first of our 2024 interview series, we explore the tax stamp industry from an insider perspective, delving into its challenges, opportunities, and potential developments with International Tax Stamp Association (ITSA) members. This month, the insights are courtesy of Steven Proudfoot, Product Director for OpSec Security’s government solutions business …

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An introduction to the international standard for tax stamps

Document distributed as part of Ian Lancaster’s workshop on the review of ISO Standard 22382

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Proposal for an FCTC Protocol-Compliant Tobacco Control System Blue Print

Its aim is to contribute to the work being carried out on implementing a tobacco track and trace system compliant …

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ITSA Guideline

Why Tax Stamps Provide the Best Combined Solution for Traceability and Security Features Under the EU Tobacco Products Directive

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Click above to view ITSA’s workshop presentation to revenue authorities at the Tax Stamp & Traceability Forum, 2 October 2023


Since the Indian state of Kerala introduced hologram-embedded security tax labels on Indian-made foreign liquor two decades ago, hooch poisoning is down and excise revenue collection is up.

In a bid to improve tax and duty collection, Kyrgyzstan is planning to introduce mandatory marking on all fuel products. Gasoline and diesel fuel—sold exclusively at filling stations—will contain irremovable molecular markers.

Why must tax stamps combine digital and physical security features? See a recent example, with the shocking story of how counterfeit UK postage stamps infiltrated the postal system because their security elements went unchecked.

Save the Date! The next global Tax Stamp & Traceability Forum will take place 7–9 April 2025 in Cape Town, South Africa. Look out for our call for papers and details of exhibitor and sponsorship packages, coming soon!

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