Hungarian Banknote Printing Company

Address: Marko u. 17.
City: Budapest
ZIP Code: H-1055
Country: Hungary

Contact Name: Jozsef Peitli
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +36 1 332 6900

Products and Services for Tax Stamps offered by Hungarian Banknote Printing Company

Equipment/Systems for Producing Tax Stamps
Cutting and packing Design software and services Foiling and finishing Papermaking and coating Pre-press and consumables Printing equipment Quality control
Tax Stamp Components and Features
Optical features Print-based features Security inks and coatings Substrates Taggants and forensic features Threads and fibres Variable features
Tax Stamp Production
Security printer/converter


In addition to the production of banknotes, we offer the most advanced security (document and product protection) services to our existing and future customers, providing complex system solutions in the identification and security market segments.

Our cooperation with our subsidiary – DIPA Diósgyőri Papírgyár Zrt., which produces special security papers – enables us to offer the entire value chain of security product production, from paper to product, and from paper to system solutions.

Our goal is for our customers worldwide to get to know and use the products and services we offer in high aesthetic quality.